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Full Menu BrochureOur innovative suite of masters and doctoral professional programs in education will help you to reach your goals and make a positive difference in education. All programs are fully online and progress sequentially, one course at a time. Explore and download our full program menu brochure, or the more specific professional program brochures below.



Doctor of EducationDoctor of Education (EdD)

This program is designed to meet the professional development needs of aspiring and serving leaders who address complex problems in a range of educational settings. (Download our brochure)


Curriculum Studies:

Early Childhood Education

Focus on Early Childhood Education
This program builds capacities for supporting and leading the education of young children from birth to eight years. (Download our brochure)


Mathematics Education

Focus on Mathematics Education
This program provides opportunities to apply innovative approaches to teaching, learning, and research in mathematics education. (Download our brochure)



Focus on Multiliteracies
This program develops, supports, and challenges educators who are engaged in language and literacy education. (Download our brochure)


Curriculum and Pedagogy

Focus on Curriculum and Pedagogy
This program provides specialized learning opportunities for supporting and leading curriculum design, implementation, and evaluation. (Download our brochure)

Educational Leadership:

Aboriginal Educational LeadershipFocus on Aboriginal Education Leadership
This program considers Aboriginal ways of leading, knowing, teaching, and learning with an emphasis on improving Aboriginal student success. (Download our brochure)



Catholic Educational LeadershipFocus on Catholic Education Leadership
This program, offered in partnership with King’s University College, examines Catholic educational leadership through the lens of Catholic teaching. (Download our brochure)


Educational LeadershipFocus on Educational Leadership
This program builds expertise in research, theory, and practice to address problems of practice in various leadership contexts. (Download our brochure)


Equity, Diversity, Social JusticeFocus on Equity, Diversity and Social Justice
This program develops knowledge and skills in teaching and supporting students with exceptionalities within classrooms. (Download our brochure)

Educational Psychology and Inclusive/Special Education:

Applied Behavior AnalysisFocus on Applied Behavior Analysis
Appropriate for clinical and educational settings, this program builds knowledge in behaviour principles and shaping new behaviours in typical and atypical populations. (Download our brochure)


Teaching Students with Exceptionalities
This program develops knowledge and skills in teaching and supporting students with exceptionalities within classrooms.

International EducationInternational Education

This program enhances an individuals’ capacity to proactively and ethically engage with the expanding array of international/transcultural educational contexts. (Download our brochure)


Western Education

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