What to Do if You Can’t Afford a New Furnace?

If you can’t get a new furnace, it’s important to know what you can do. To carry out the necessary work, there are various methods to maximize the efficiency of your furnace. In this article; you will see what you can do without spending money to refresh your furnace.

Clean the Furnace

Cleaning your furnace is a great way to increase its efficiency. A dirty furnace during use reduces efficiency and creates more costs. To clean your furnace, there are some points to consider. First, turn off the furnace and wait for it to cool down before starting to clean. Then, clean the environmental pieces near the furnace, – such as dust and ash.

Use Electronic Control Device

To increase the efficiency of your furnace, you can use the control device of your furnace. This device helps you save energy when using your furnace in heating and cooling mode. To adjust the control device of your furnace, check the user manual or contact a qualified technician.


Lubricating is very important to increase the efficiency of your furnace. Your furnace should be lubricated every two years. If your furnace’s parts are not lubricated as they move, friction will occur and affect the efficiency. To lubricate your furnace, you will need an authorized technician.


You must check your furnace annually to operate it properly. During the check, you should control the operating conditions of your furnace, the lubrication and cleaning needs. In addition, the pipes and body of your furnace should also be checked. For this process, you should consult an expert who can check your furnace.

Replace the Filters

You should frequently check your furnace filters and replace them when necessary. The furnace filter is also known as the filter of your furnace. Replacing your furnace filters helps you save energy and increase efficiency. To replace the filters, you will need a qualified technician.

Check the Doors and Windows

Another factor that affects the energy consumption of your furnace is the doors and windows. Cracks behind the doors and windows reduce the effectiveness of your furnace. Therefore, you should check the doors and windows and repair them if necessary.


To increase the efficiency of your furnace, you should insulate your home. Insulation is a method used to prevent heat losses in your home. Insulation prevents heat loss in your home and helps your furnace work more efficiently.

Find Spare Parts

Finding the same parts of your furnace is a great way to keep it running. To find out where to get the parts of your furnace, you can contact the manufacturer of your furnace. If you get the parts as spare, you can prevent malfunctions and keep your furnace running.

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